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US 19 Whitney
Utility relocation. Temporary retaining wall.

St. Rose Drainage
USACE Hurricaine Risk Reduction System Project.
Temporary Cofferdam

Welcome to Our Company


Blue Iron, Inc. is a full service general engineering contractor specializing in all types of drilling and shoring, including sheet pile, beam and plate/lagging, soil nailing and deep excavation throughout the country.  Company founder and president, Dan Baker for over the past 25 years has grown Blue Iron, Inc. from a small, home based company to one of the largest sheeting and shoring contractors in state of California.  Since 1984 Blue Iron, Inc. has completed successful projects ranging in both size and complexity, priding ourselves on project quality and performance.   Blue Iron's corporate headquarters is located in West Sacramento, CA with field offices in Louisiana and Florida.


Advantages of Press-In Method


Conventionally prefabricated piles have been pounded of vibrated into the ground.  Such methods inevitably generate excessive noise and vibration because of their reliance on percussive or vibratory energy.  Giken has developed the reaction-based press-in machine the "Silent Piler" and established the "Press-In" method based on the principle of non-pollutive pile installation.  In practical terms, the Silent Piler grasps previously installed piles and derives reaction force from the negative skin friction and interlock resistance of these reaction piles.   This reaction force provides press-in force to hydraulically jack subsequent piles into the ground.  Since the piles are "pressed-in", the Silent Piler does not cause any damage to the environment including neighboring structures and local residence through noise and vibration.  The Press-In method allows pile installation in areas where environmental disruption is strictly precluded.


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