Blue Iron, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality work and committed to deliver exceptional service at every stage of the project.  We take our project scheduling goals seriously and work with all trades collaborating on each project to ensure we're maximizing our efforts in order to meet those goals.

  • Sheetpiling

    Sheet pile is one of type of piling and the main difference between normal pile and sheet pile is sheet pile is typically used as temporary solution while normal pile is used as a permanent one. Sheet pile can be made from many types of materials such as steel, plastic, wood, vinyl, recast concrete, and fiberglass.  The most common material to be used for sheet pile is steel.  Sheet piles act as a temporary supportive wall that has been driven into a slope or excavation to support the soft soils collapse from higher ground to lower ground.

    Steel Sheet Piles are popular due to:

    • Strength
    • Ease of Handling
    • Watertight
  • Soil Nailing

    Blue Iron, Inc's extensive fleet of machinery is composed of state of the art equipment which enables installation of shoring even in very difficult soil and working conditions. Our team of professional engineers, proactive supervisors and experienced crews provide the expertise to bring superior quality and economical design-build solutions to your shoring projects. Proper selection, design, and installation of the appropriate shoring systems are critical to providing adequate protection to adjacent structures and properties during construction.


    Soil Nailing Advantages:

    • Can be used to follow soil curves.
    • Equipment is portable, fits in tight spaces.                                                            
    • The technique is flexible, easily modified.
    • Creates less noise and traffic obstructions.
    • Less impact on nearby properties.
    • Can be used as a form for permanent walls (eliminating backfill)
    • Requires minimum space.


  • Beam & Lagging

    Shoring of temporary excavations frequently requires a wall design which does not extend laterally beyond the wall, so shoring extends below the planned base of the excavation.  Sheet piles are a form of driven piling using thin interlocking sheets of steel to obtain a continuous barrier in the ground, and are driven prior to excavation. Soldier beams are constructed of wide flange steel H sections spaced about 2–3 m apart, driven prior to excavation. As the excavation proceeds, horizontal timber or steel sheeting (lagging) is inserted behind the H pile flanges.

    Types of temporary shoring:

    • Soldier beams include steel H-piles, wide flange sections or other fabricated sections that are driven or set in drilled holes.
    • Lagging refers to the members spanning between soldier beams.